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      Green, low carbon
      environmental friendly

      Sticking to the road of sustainable development that are “green, low carbon, environmental friendly”, Luthai actively promotes the research and application of advanced applicable technologies and equipment for environmental protection, resource recycling, energy saving and emissions reduction, and also implements low-carbon and energy-saving projects for the integration of economic, social and environmental benefits.

      Green, low
      Build environmental
      management system:
      Adopt international advanced technology to achieve energy saving and emission reduction:
      Create a green and sustainable
      supply chain of textile and
      Adopt international
      advanced technology
      to achieve energy
      saving and emission

      Build environmental management system:

      Luthai has passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Energy Management Center has been set up for scientific energy management through automatic and information technologies. Activities of “two increase & two reductions” are carried out constantly according to the energy management policy of "energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction, and efficiency increase".

      Adopt international advanced technology to
      achieve energy saving and emission reduction:

      Luthai always keeps pace with the development of environmental protection technology of the industry, and launches low-carbon and energy-saving projects with adoption of new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new energies.
      The company makes efforts to reduce resource consumption and waste generation from the source and in a systematic way for the purpose of comprehensive utilization of a variety of resources. In the meantime, the company continuously advocates clean production, optimizes the production process, makes researches on new environmental protection and energy saving techniques so as to cut down material and energy consumption and waste generation.
      Double membrane process, "column ultrafiltration (CCMF) and reverse osmosis (RO)”, is adopted for the processing and recycling of dyeing wastewater. Wastewater discharge is under systematic control on the basis of "source reduction, process control, end-of-pipe treatment and up-to-standard emission”. As to wastewater treatment, the company has invested about 200 million yuan in the construction of four sewage stations with international cutting-edge technologies which have a daily treatment capacity of 18,000 tons. In addition, the company runs Zibo Li Min Purify Water Co., Ltd. with a daily wastewater treatment quantity up to 80,000 tons for treatment of the company’s wastewater and the local urban sewage as well.

      Create a green and sustainable supply chain of textile and garment:

      For more than two decades, Luthai has insisted on creating textile products that are healthy and environmental friendly for the world with the concept of green, environmental protection and sustainable development. Luthai advocates the use of natural and renewable textile materials, the use of safe and healthy auxiliaries and dyestuff, the application of new equipment and new process, the research of new technologies, and the development of green, low carbon textiles and garments, to create a green and sustainable supply chain of textile and garment and to make positive contributions for the revitalization and prosperity of the world’s textile industry.

      The company has won the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award by the research of “high flow membrane treatment and recycle technology of dyeing wastewater and its industrialization”, and has achieved many major breakthroughs of energy saving, emission reduction, green and low carbon technologies in the textile industry, such as jigger dyeing and water reuse technology. Besides, the company has been rated as “Advanced Energy-saving Enterprise”, “Outstanding Energy-saving Enterprise”, and be listed as national “resource-saving and environment-friendly” pilot enterprises.

      Social benefit

      With the enterprise mission of "creating wealth, contributing to society, covering the globe, knitting to the world", Luthai actively undertakes social responsibilities, supports programs for public welfare, creates a harmonious public relations and takes concrete actions to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations as an enterprise and a citizen on the basis of creating corporate benefits, accelerating the progress of the staff, providing employment opportunities and increasing tax revenues.

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