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      Production Innovation

      Luthai’s pure cotton fabric has been upgraded from ironing to non-ironing and from nonelastic to elastic and its seam shirt has been upgraded to seamless shirt in the recent twenty years. Product upgrades by leaps and bounds, like breaking a cocoon into the butterfly, conveying the extensive meaning of fabrics through practical actions.

      Fabric upgrade

      Luthai takes the lead to successfully develop ultra-high-count pure cotton 300S yarn as fine as the spider’s thread and yarn-dyed fabric as thin as a cicada's wings, the quality and standard of which have reached the international leading level, leading the development of textile techniques and ultra-high-count fabrics.

      Better form-keeping shirt

      Luthai is the first to introduce liquid ammonia production line and successfully develop liquid ammonia + moist-cure fabric, realizing non-iron of pure cotton in its true sense. Development of products of liquid ammonia series has realized the fundamental change from ironing to non-ironing and led to a big dressing revolution.

      Satisfaction of auxiliary functions

      Cotton and XLA elastic fabric jointly developed by Luthai and Dow Chemical Company have feeling of pure cotton, features of moderate elasticity and good wrinkle resistance, which will lead the people to pursue a comfortable and free life. FREEFIT is a fabric processing technique based on INVISTA’s elastic fiber – one of the company’s main products, spandex and T-400 fabrics and a technique for application of spandex in area of medium and low elastic fabrics.

      Diversified development to meet diversified demands

      Fibers like bemberg fiber or tencel fiber with advantages of natural degradation, environmental protection and regeneration in harmony with human being and the earth and in close to skins have characters of softness, good drapability, good stereoscopic effects and durable antistatic property.

      Luthai has successfully solved the yarn forming difficulty of optimal proportioning ratio of cotton and renewable fibers and problem of same color dyeing of two-component blended yarns. A series of Bem-co, cotton or tencel yarn-dyed non-iron fabrics has been introduced, winning clients’ unanimous recognition with its characters of rich patterns, soft feeling and good drapability.

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