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      Introduction of the Group

      Luthai Group is a global high-grade yarn dyed fabrics manufacturer and an international first-line brand shirts maker.It has a complete industrial chain from yarn spinning /dyeing /finishing/garment making and brand marketing.

      The production and business performance operating results of Luthai Textile always rank the very front in the textile industry in China, with annual production amounts of yarn-dyed fabrics of 220 million meters, piece-dyed fabrics of 90 million meters and shirts of 30 million pieces .

      The company is now recognized as national enterprise technology center, national laboratory and high-tech enterprise and has gained a series of big awards and honors in succession such as “China Quality Guarantee and Credible Enterprise”, “China Top Ten Textile Brand Cultures”, “China Social Responsibility Performance Five-Star Enterprise”, “China Top 50 Textile Brand Cultures”, “National Model Enterprise of Informationalization an Industrialization Integration in Textile Industry”, “National Model Enterprise in Advanced Party Building in Textile Industry”, “Top 30 Culture Competitiveness” upon 35th anniversary of reform and opening up, “National Quality Award”, Third “China Industry Award”, “Global Performance Excellence Award (World Class)” and “National Science and Technology Progress Award”.

      Facing the domestic “New Normal” in new situation and the increasingly complex competitive environment in international market, the company, under the idea of “reaching the peak without intention”, will firmly conform to the business vision of “Creating World-level First Class Quality and Century-long Luthai”, scrupulously abide by the value of Luthai, take revitalization of the national textile industry as the responsibility, adhere to the scientific concept of development, adopt the new road of industrialization and make contribution to the creation of textile power, to promote the change from “Made in China” to “Created in China”, from China speed to China quality” and from Chinese product to Chinese brand”.


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